Hermit Crab is a multi-instrumental duo that comes together to create a musical fusion of punk, dance, rock, and groove music. Recorded, written, and produced independently. Currently based out of Eureka, CA.

We have released our debut album, The Earth Is Visible From Space, on BandCamp. You can listen to our album on the music page by clicking here! We are booking gigs out of town, so stay tuned because we could be performing near you!

You can contact us at hermitcrab.band@gmail.com.

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07/07/24: Phew! We are beat after playing Outer Roominations yesterday, but it was so worth it to see people dance! It was such a great event that we were honored to play at. Maybe, we can play again next year! If you have not heard of this awesome art-festival and missed it, click here to be updated on future events!

We have been playing show in our community with local acts, KMRO and Blub, and touring acts, TSUGA and Hayes. We have had so much fun at these shows and even got to record music with TSUGA while he was in town at Sunroom Recording. It is great to be able to work with such great people and share our music with people in Humboldt County! To find the music acts I've mentioned, click on their names!

This week, we will be getting in the van to take Hermit Crab on the road for the first time! We are so excited to be sharing our music with other communities. Click here to see if we are playing in a town near you!

Here is a photo of the saxophone set-up while recording with TSUGA at Sunroom Recording and a photo of our gear we had to walk down the hill at Outer Roominations. Thank you to everyone who has supported Hermit Crab, including the audience and bands we have played with! I'll make sure to give an update when we are done with our out-of-town shows. -Trash Panda

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06/09/24: This upcoming weekend will be busy for Hermit Crab! If you are in the Humboldt County area, you can catch our show at Outer Space Arcata on Friday, June 14th. We will also be performing backing music with poet, Dylan Collins, and singer, B.Writes, at Summer At The Sanctuary on Sunday, June 16th.

If you are not in this area, stay tuned in as we announce out-of-town shows in the near future! -Trash Panda

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5/07/24: Hello, everyone! Alot of updates are coming. Our new album, The Earth Is Visible From Space, was reviewed by Collin Yeo in the NorthCoast Journal. I wanted to also take time to thank everyone that supported us at our show at Richard's Goat. You can catch us playing as the backing, live band for poets at the Basement in Arcata, CA on 05/17/24. We will also be playing a show at Outer Space in Arcata, CA on 06/14/24. We are hard at work trying to book gigs out of town, so stay tuned for more annoucements!

Click here to view article on the web. -Trash Panda

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3/19/24: Our new album, The Earth Is Visible From Space is available now on BandCamp! You can also click on our music page to listen to it. We also have a show at The Miniplex at Richards' Goat on 4/19/24 in Arcata, CA. Music starts at 9 PM! If you are in the area, come see us! We just want to make you dance!


02/13/24: The official release date for our album, The Earth Is Visible From Space, is March 12, 2024. We will be having a listening party on Bandcamp on the release date at 7:00 PM PST. Be sure to join us so you can chat with us about how we made the album! To RSVP, click here!


12/01/23: Our new album, The Earth Is Visible From Space, has been recorded, mixed, and mastered. We plan to release it in Spring 2024. In the meantime, check out a sneak peak of one of the tracks, "Lazy Apathy", on the music page.


11/05/23: Hello, everyone. We have an album that is finished recording. New album will be out soon. If you want to dance, stay tuned! -Trash Panda

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